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but is crafting consumerism?

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So … I’ve been getting more into the minimalism thing (it’s been going around).

But … I’m a crafter. I make stuff. I make a lot of stuff. Making stuff requires tools and materials and add-ons.

Knitters … well, they knit. Some knitters test themselves to knit 12 sweaters in a year, or 11 lace shawls in 2011, or 52 pairs of socks in a year.

That is a lot of socks.

I do not have 52 pairs of socks. I do not need 52 pairs of socks. Or twelve sweaters. Or 11 lace shawls. Maybe someone else needs 11 lace shawls. I do not. (I am proud of myself for recognizing this. I have not always been able to recognize this.)

I’m having trouble reconciling the desire to minimize with the desire (the urge! the drive! the need!) to craft and make …


How do you deal with it?


Written by jane

January 23, 2011 at 8:34 am

Posted in crafts., knitting., misc.

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  1. My problem is more with hoarding paraphernalia to craft. My yarn stash isn’t ridiculous but I’m doing a yarn diet this year to try to avoid nasty habits. Like the habit of the overflowing fabric cupboard which gets topped up at a far quicker rate than fabric gets used!

    I don’t think that I could put the pressure upon myself to knit a certain amount of anything in a time frame. I see my crafting activities as pleasurable and I’d really hate to change that, if that makes sense!

    Countess Ablaze

    January 24, 2011 at 9:57 pm

  2. As you know, I’ve been struggling with this lately too. The good thing is I just can’t churn out 100 quilts a year so I’m never going to have “too many quilts” at my house.

    When I sew or craft with a purpose (a gift), I feel conflicted about giving “stuff” to other people…because if I don’t need more stuff, why should I burden them with more stuff?

    Also, when I sew without a purpose, I get halfway through and sometimes think “well, this hand quilted baby blanket is cute but really, isn’t this a waste of my time?” (true story from this weekend…I’ll be posting about this later this week)

    So, really, what is a “waste of time” or consumerism when it comes to hand crafted? Is spending my time crafting even something that’s important in the grand scheme of things? Shouldn’t I be helping the homeless or something? And yet I need to craft. And make things for no reason and give things as gifts. So, what does it all mean? I have no idea!


    January 24, 2011 at 11:43 pm

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