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Last night I stayed up until almost midnight, finishing the last few stitches on the second panel of my blanket. I was Very Pleased with myself. (To be truthful, I wasn’t quite done — I ran out of yarn at the last four bind-off stitches — but I had a few extra feet stuffed away somewhere. Couldn’t be bothered to track it down at stupid o’clock to finish the last four stitches.)

I called it finished and cheered about it to myself and turned out the light and lay there in the dark, waiting for sleep. I wondered what I could possibly knit next. This was the last — the absolute last — project I had on the needles. Oh, there’s yarn for a sweater lurking around, but I haven’t been able to find the right pattern and there’s no rush … but there is lots of knitting time left in December! What should I do?

Maybe a vest. I like vests, and I don’t own one because I am short and dumpy and most vests have too deep a V neck or strange cabling or no pockets or too many buttons or they’re made of cotton … but I can change all that! I’m a knitter!

At work, I sketched out a Very Nice Vest (deep-but-modest v-neck, garter stitch in lieu of rib, a meagre but interesting slip-stitch pattern, one afterthought pocket, the correct amount of buttons) … it was a Very Nice Vest indeed. And oh how I needed that daydream, cause today? Today was not a great day. People yelled at me. I made a mistake and corrected it immediately and somehow that made it worse. Some more people yelled at me. I got into an argument with my doctor’s receptionist (a very nice woman who is not at all to blame for the ludicrous situation we’re in). Worst of all, I substituted green tea (with mint) for my coffee and wasn’t able to focus on anything at all.

No matter. The blanket is done and this weekend (or sooner) I’ll buy yarn for a Very Nice Vest and it will make me look fashionable and professional and knitterly and several inches taller all at once.

Once at home I laid out the pieces for the blanket, in preparation for sewing them … and I noticed something.



That’s okay it’s garter stitch a little tweaking is fine

Double crap.
Maybe if I rip back that one square …


Triple and quadruple and #$%#ing crap.

Think I’ve got time to reknit it before the new year?


Written by jane

December 18, 2012 at 9:10 pm

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