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stress knitting (revisted)

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So … I got a leetle carried away with this stress-knitting thing.

Just a bit.

Actually it got pretty bad.




And then it got silly.

Somewhere around the third meter, I lost it.

I draped i-cord over everything in sight. Couldn’t help myself.

I noticed my salad was almost  (but not quite!) as pretty as my knitting.




… a wandering rock-n-roller modeled for me



… as did some very random sculptures.


(This cast iron yard ornament approves of your awesomeness!)


But we wanted more, the i-cord and I. We wanted away from all that fuss.

And at the end, it was just me and the i-cord.

Peaceful. Silent.

Like a Zen garden of stitches.

And I found something else, too.

Here’s my secret:

If you hold enough i-cord to your ear, you can hear the ocean.



shhhhhhhhhhhhh … don’t cry. it’ll all be all right.


Written by jane

May 29, 2013 at 8:42 am

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